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  • Jacksonville Educational Article of the Month - How to Rid Your Property of Coyotes

How to Rid Your Property of Coyotes

For many of us, when we think of coyotes we think of the hapless and stupid Wiley E. Coyote of the Bugs Bunny cartoons. This may make for an amusing story to watch, but the reality is that that coyotes are quite ruthless animals that you want nowhere near your Jacksonville property.

If you have a problem with a coyote then there is no doubt that you would be looking for ways to rid yourself of this problem. These are dangerous animals that can attack your pets, your livestock and your children. They like to hunt in packs, or at least as a pair, and so these creatures can be a real menace. If you have a problem with coyotes, there are some things you can do to scare them off and get them away from y0ur home.

The first thing to do is to make sure that if there are any access points on your property then you want to fix these spots. Holes in your fence or gaps under the fence line are easy access points that you simply cannot afford to have. You must take steps to close these entry points, and that starts with finding those entry points. While these may not be the only places a coyote can get onto your Jacksonville property, if they are coming through your fence into your backyard it only makes sense to make sure you have closed that off.

You also need to make sure that your pets and livestock need to be kept secure and free from harm from these Florida animals. Truthfully your dog, cat, chicken, or even your goats or sheep do not stand a chance against two, three, or four coyotes. You need to make sure you keep your animals locked up and safe.

This may not be the easiest thing to do with animals like cows, goats or sheep. If you have a barn it would be to your advantage to securely lock them in the barn, but if not then you need to have a secure fence that will keep the coyotes away. Barbed wire or electrical fencing can really do the job. A shock or a cut from one of these fences can do the job for you.

There are not many repellants that are going to work against coyotes except for the urine of natural predators of the coyotes. This will do the job of keeping them away, but you should be aware that bear or bobcat urine can have a very potent smell. This may not only keep away the coyotes but also your friends and family.

You can buy traps that will capture or at least detain the coyotes, but that is honestly a really bad idea. The last thing you need is to try to contain a coyote once you have captured it. This may almost be less safe than letting it wander around on your Florida property. If you do happen to set a trap and catch a coyote do not try to move it or continue the capture on your own. Hire a professional or contact your local Jacksonville animal control unit to let them know you have a coyote.

In fact, if you have a coyote that is frequenting near your home you may want to contact the Jacksonville animal control anyway. They may provide you with some assistance in riding yourself of these creatures. Your local government usually understands the problems that coyotes can create and will quick to assist you to rid yourself of them, in most cases.

There is also the option of using a poison. You can try to kill of the Florida coyotes by laying out some meat of some kind that is laced with a poison. The coyotes will eat that and wander off to die, riding yourself of them as an issue. You want to make sure that if this is the option you select that you do not make this meat accessible to your cat or dog. Your own pet may find this a totally appetizing meal, and if that is the case you may find yourself with dead Spot or Whiskers. Be smart and ensure that you are careful where you lay this out.

If you are choosing a more lethal option and you live in a more secluded area, you may find that you have to set up a watch and shoot at the coyotes as they approach your Jacksonville property. A loud noise may be all you need to scare them a way for a stretch of time, but if you find that they are persistent in coming back then you may have to shoot directly at them. Make sure that whatever perch you choose to watch for the coyotes does not grant the creatures a means to sneak up on you. You may find yourself in their crosshairs.

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